Muscle Stimulator Ab Exercise Machine Slimming Belt
Muscle Stimulator Ab Exercise Machine Slimming Belt
Muscle Stimulator Ab Exercise Machine Slimming Belt
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Muscle Stimulator Ab Exercise Machine Slimming Belt

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The Ultimate Abs Stimulator is a physical exercise simulator equipment to tone and enhance muscles, specifically abs. Apply the soft pads easy, and it will progressively increase impulses intensity. Automatically it will stop once the session is over.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the technology delivering direct electrical impulses to stimulate and exercise your muscles.  

Abs stimulator is the perfect ab tonner, take everywhere you go

You can still achieve the best toned muscles on your body. Less effort and less hard work. Let this scientific breakthrough work for you, with easy control panel and electrode pads using the last technology to replicate brain activities.

Our muscles receive electric current all the time from our brain in order to respond to stimuli. They contract and relax, just like they do when are exposed to the electric impulses from this amazing equipment.


  • Easy to use, apply over your muscles and switch it ON.
  • High technology unit, no wires and 360 degrees control panel.
  • Larger size belt and pads to cover bigger areas.
  • 30 minutes a day are enough to exercise and compress muscles.
  • Replicates original impulses from normal workout activities and control over intensity.
  • Portable gym on the go.
  • Safe to handle and easy to maintain.
  • Battery operated.
  • Apply EMS technology – Electric Muscle Stimulation.

Ultimate abs stimulator results are remarkable and evident already on the first week

Some people commented they could enhance muscles elasticity; however, they do not create muscles if you do not have any. The impulses can also increase blood flow and burn excess fat around the muscle fibers. Resulting in leaner and healthier muscles.

Its hand free operation can also be extended to arms and legs, applying smaller size pads on either side of your body. It does not interfere with any other activity. Read a book, work on your computer or watch TV while you get a great workout.

This handy device can do amazing things on your muscles. Its EMS principle is already known to medical science and rehabilitation clinics, which applies to athletes or when they want some muscles to recover from injures or strain.

Make sure you can get yours right NOW and achieve the perfect body for this summer.

100% guarantee of satisfaction!

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