Meet the FFAB Team!

Meet my right hand people! 

Content Writer: Meet Hailey Taylor! Hailey graduated from UNCG with a B.A. in English Literature, currently residing in Greensboro NC. While most of our information comes straight from the source, Hailey makes sure that all our ducks are in a row! She has written various books and media content, also specializing in creative writing, press releases, articles and blog posts. We are privileged to have her help make FFAB shine a little brighter!


Photographer, Personal Assistant, Makeup Artist: Christopher Charles

Theres not much that Christopher Charles cannot do! Christopher has an amazing resume, possessing depths of experience at such a young age. CC's skills and abilities have taken him from local photo shoots and styling, to New York Fashion week! We are honored to have Christopher part of the FFAB magic!


Hair & Makeup Artist: Kalin Williams

Kalin is a top of the line licensed cosmetologist. She is our "not so secret" weapon behind our big southern hair! I have worked with many stylist in the past, but none quite nail the southern look like she does, giving our "big hair big dreams" slogan a whole new meaning! We love her hard work and dedication as it is not easy to handle us belles ;) No matter the location, she's always right there ready to touch us up!

Professional Bestie:

Meet the bestie! Hannah Creed is one of the most bubbly, fun spirited people I've ever met. After hitting it off in college, Hannah and I (FFAB) have been inseparable ever since. Hannah graduated from Appalachian State University with a B.A in Child Development and B.F.F in BFFionalism.Though she resides in Charlotte NC, distance doesn't stop us from being there for each other day or night. Having a bad day? Going through a breakup? No worries, you can count on Hannah to bring your favorite comfort food or stuffed animal to your door before the first tear hits! ;) She does not tolerate her friends being treated anything less than a princess, Get to know her!

 Social Media: @hannahcred