What is a FFAB Doll?

FFAB Dolls are athlete representatives of Fit For A Belle. Whether they are training for a competition, or training for life, these girls set the highest standard in everything they do. FFAB Dolls were selected based upon their lifestyle values, serving as role models to belles across the nation! Not only are they motivating and inspiring, but have a helping heart for anyone in need! Each FFAB Doll has a unique discount code, make sure you use your favorite one and show them some love! 

Classy, Sweet, Southern hospitality XOXO


Meghan Doll (Head of FFAB Dolls)

About me: I am currently a sophomore in college in my hometown. I am studying Early Childhood Education and Business Management. I eventually want to open a daycare/gym. It has been my dream ever since I can remember! I am also working full time in the car insurance business so I am definitely busy for the most part!

What does being a FFAB mean to me? FFAB to me means being part of a sister-hood, not just a company. I feel accepted, loved and like I am important. Even though you can't see or be around Megan, or the other girls very often you know you are cared about. FFAB has created friendships that will last a life time and I am forever thankful. FFAB is strong. FFAB is accepting. FFAB is never judging a person for what you see or hear. FFAB is being confident in what God gave you yet always striving to improve.

Goals for this year: My goals for this year are to help FFAB expand and become our dreams. I want the world to know what FFAB is and what we stand for as a company, and as a group of people. I also want to achieve my goals within fitness and become more confident in the skin I'm in and FFAB is helping me and keeping me motivated.

Social Media: IG: @meghandfit
Twitter: @meghancharlene7
Facebook: @FFAB Meghan Dees


"Mis" aka Missydoll

About me: Hey y'all...I'm Mis, I'm a stay-at-home mom of two. My son, Wyatt, is 12 and my daughter, Chloe, is 10. I've been happily married to my husband, Bill, for almost 15 years. I fell into the wife/mother slump of letting myself go and putting everyone and everything before myself. Years of that led to me gaining so much weight that I literally was in the beginning stages of obesity. Finally I got to a place of such unhappiness that I knew I had to make a change or I'd loose myself forever. I lost over 70 lbs and gained a healthier perspective on health and fitness. Now as I continue my fitness journey I am more focused on building muscle, toning and feeling strong versus just being skinny.

Being a FFAB doll means so much to me. It has given me the opportunity to share my story and allows me to help motivate and inspire other women, other moms, to take charge of their health and fitness. Helping others truly helps me to stay motivated as I continue my own personal journey. Also being a doll has given me the privilege to be a part of a group of the most amazing, supportive women! Each doll so special and so inspirational, they are like extended family to me.

 Follow me on Instagram @bwc4me

On FB. www.facebook.com/mis.ffabdoll

Twitter FFAB_Doll_Mis



Name: Carissa Desiderato ("Riss")

About me: Assistant Media Planner at Mindshare / Certified Personal Trainer at Fit With Riss / Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

What does being a FFAB mean to you?: FFAB means much more then just being a part of a fitness apperal company. It means being a part of a family, empowering women all over the world, and showing girls that they are all important and capable of being their best selves. FFAB has taught me to bring people up and motivate and inspire those around me. It has taught me to encourage and lift people up. FFAB has taught me to be who I am, accept myself, and strive to be the best version of ME. That I am beautiful, and that my flaws are beautiful. FFAB has taught me to find the beauty in each and everyone.

Goals for this year: My personal goals for this year is to re-qualify in bikini for nationals and to step on a national stage in 2016.

Social media links:
Instagram: instagram.com/fitwithriss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fitwithriss
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYeO_GuFc7xbVlpTygPNfXA

Erin Doll:

About me:
Sephora cast recent grad with bachelors of science in criminal justice from Salem state university
From Marblehead Massachusetts
FFAB means to me the empowerment of women, building confidence, feeling comfortable in my body and remembering where I came from because to someone I might be their inspiration to workout, eat healthy get in shape

Goals: To build muscle while loosing weight and inches
Social Media: Instagram: Erindollfitness
Twitter: @Ffabcoacherin, @eeb_90
Facebook www.facebook.com/erinneliz12
Snapchat: eeb_90

Name: Klaire Roberson

About me: I am a Pharmacy Technician for Walgreens, and an Online Health Coach!

What does being a FFAB mean to you?:
Being a FFAB means representing feminine strength, empowering diversity among women, and celebrating what makes fitness fun! It is the opportunity to embrace authenticity, attitude, and be an uplifting role model to women of any age! FFAB has surrounded me with energy, encouragement from like-minded women, and pushes me to be a better person every day!

Goals for this year:
My goal for this year is to push past my comfort zone in every aspect of my life. From my personal business to my daily training, I want to improve my knowledge & strength, and use what I learn to help educate others! Through travel, meeting new people, and engaging in new experiences, I will to spend this coming year further pursuing my career in the fitness industry!

Social media links:
Instagram: @klairelisabeth
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/klairelisabeth
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCauLOfQIX4OCbx-5NEB6Frg
Snapchat: klairelisabeth

Karly Doll


Lexi Doll

Lexi Doll


Chelsey Doll



Darby Doll

About me: MOMpreneur! Fitness coach & Business starter

What does being a FFAB doll mean to you: Being a FFAB Doll means I get to be me! We are all different, we all have different goals, different backgrounds, but being a DOLL is all about loving and be genuinely yourself. What else could you ask for?

Goals for the year: Changing lives! Be the best leader, wife and mommy I can be. Step out of my comfort zone and get ready to compete for the first time!

Social Media Links:
IG: darby_avalos
FB: FB.com/Darby.avalos1

Katherine Doll

About Me: I am a full time pre-med student at Texas A&M University. I am 21 years old and from a small town near Houston, TX. I am obsessed with traveling and seeing the world, I love all kinds of animals and have found a passion for fitness and working out.

What does being a FFAB mean to you?: FFAB is a clothing line that stands for so much more than just a T-shirt. The passion and heart of each and every girl affiliated with this company is amazing. This is a company that is inclusive of everyone, no matter where they may be on their fitness journey. When I wear my Fit For A Belle clothing, I know I am about to go out and OWN IT! I feel confident no matter what my body type may be.
Goals for this year: Compete in my first figure competition!

Social Media:
Blog: IcedLattesandLifting.com
Twitter: katherinesalom
Instagram: @ksalom_fitness and @ksalom
Snapchat: ksalom

Darby Doll

About me: MOMpreneur! Fitness coach & Business starter

What does being a FFAB doll mean to you: Being a FFAB Doll means I get to be me! We are all different, we all have different goals, different backgrounds, but being a DOLL is all about loving and be genuinely yourself. What else could you ask for?

Goals for the year: Changing lives! Be the best leader, wife and mommy I can be. Step out of my comfort zone and get ready to compete for the first time!

Social Media Links:
IG: darby_avalos
FB: FB.com/Darby.avalos1


 Michelle Doll


Stephanie Doll

About me: Hi y'all it's Stephanie Doll! I love being part of such an amazing group of girls; it is definitely like a second family to me, and family is absolutely everything. I love being part of a group that inspires others in such a positive way, and I love how encouraging everyone is. I love how not one person in our group is the same, but we all have the same mind-set and goal. I'm beyond humbled, and blessed, to call myself a FFAB Doll. 

Current Goal: My goal for this year is continue with my weight loss journey, and to inspire others to continue or start their journey.

Social Media Links:
- Personal Instagram: @___southernsass___ (three underscores).
- FFAB Doll Instagram: @fitforabelledoll
- Facebook: facebook.com/sbiddix22
- Twitter: @__southernsass


Kylie Doll

About me: Hi y'all! I'm Kylie Zurek. I am currently a senior at Southeast Missouri State University majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am a server at Logan's Roadhouse here in my college town on the weekends & I'm also an assistant preschool teacher during the week. Being part of Fit for a Belle means having the opportunity to continue motivating, inspiring, & empowering women around the world to chase their dreams and to never give up no matter what life throws at them. We are all strong independent women who can conquer anything in this life if we set our minds to it. Yes, there will be uphill battles; yes, there will be struggles; and yes, there will be times where we feel we have given our all & simply can't do anymore but that's when the magic happens. That's when you realize who you really are & what you're truly capable of. That's where we find our true strength.

Being a Fit for a Belle doll has motivated me more than ever to help others through health & fitness. I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful sisterhood of strong women here to change the world. I want YOU to succeed & YOU to be happy with every aspect of life. Fit for a Belle has given me the honor of being a role model to so many women everywhere & I wouldn't be where I am today without this great company. My goal for this year is to be the best version of myself 365 days a year. I want to ensure that I am always confident with myself in all aspects of life & never to doubt my capabilities. I am not training for a show or contest but for life. To be healthy, happy, and always FFABulous. :) Follow me on my journey through life & for some motivation for your own journey through life along the way. I can't wait to follow you all back & hear your awesome success stories. Xoxo

Social Media:
Instagram: @kyyyzurekfitness
Twitter: @kyyyzurek
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KyyyZurekfitness


Hattie Doll

About me: Hey Y'all It's Hattie Doll! I am 22 years old from Charlotte NC. I am currently a dental assistant and student enrolled at CPCC. Outside of fitness, It is my passion to become a dental hygienist. 

Being a FFAB doll really does mean so much to me! Representing a brand that helps girls feel comfortable working out and feel better about themselves is a great feeling! Anything to get more girls in the gym and lifting weights and making fitness a priority in their life is a major thing for me and in proud to represent a company that promotes that!

Current Goals: Goals this year for me would be to do amazing in school and show myself that I CAN do anything I set my mind to, grow closer than ever to God, maintain healthy relationships with my friends and family, and last but surely not least, show everyone what Fit For A Belle is all about!!

Instagram: @hhaattiiee

Jillian Doll

About me: I am a 26 year old fun loving girl next door with FFAB sized dreams! I am the Founder and Star Diamond Leader of the #Ladyboss Revolution Beachbody Coaching team and love helping others reach their fullest potential.

What does being a FFAB mean to you?: Being a FFAB doll to me means not letting anyone tell you that your dreams are too big, being a FFAB doll allows me to embrace my imperfections and let people know it's okay to not be perfect, being a FFAB doll means to be a part of something BIGGER and be linked arm in arm with amazing women who are on the path to greatness! Surrounding myself with others who have the same FFAB sized dreams has been an incredible experience so far and I cannot wait to be a part of this amazing journey we are on together!

Goals for this year: Grow my coaching business and help 10 coaches on my team make Beachbody their FULL time job so they can be FREE and a nomad like me! :)

Social media links: www.facebook.com/jillian.campayno instagram.com/jilliancampayno



Jenny Doll

About me: Hey Y’all my name is Jenny Perkins. I’m a proud momma of three beautiful little girls who are my world. I work for a fast paced real estate company as an administrative assistant and I'm signing up for fall classes to finish my college degree! Being a FFAB is such a blessing to me. I'm thankful to be a part of this amazing group of ladies who strive to empower and bring others up. My goal for the up coming year is to not only be the best "Me" I can be with my health and fitness but to also reach out and help others succeed in their journey, to be that motivation for them, the person to tell them they’re amazing and can accomplish anything they want and to be an inspiration and role model for my girls and others.

Social Media:
Insta: jennyperkins3
Twitter: @jennperkins3
FB www.facebook.com/ffabjennydoll



Brooke Doll aka "Baby Belle"
About me: I am currently a high school student and a competitive cheerleader at Texas Elite All Stars. I have cheered for about 8 years now and have won some of the biggest competitions.

Being a FFAB means the absolute world to me. I love having all those sisters to help me with everything and we are all so close even though some of us have not even met. The relationships that have and still are being built through being a FFAB are super strong and loving and almost feels like we have known each other for a very long time. FFAB is definitely a huge part of my life and has helped me grow and will always be a huge part of my life no matter what.

My goals for this year are to grow with the FFAB company and to learn more about everyone I work with. Also, to grow in the cheer world as well and maintain good grades throughout my busy year coming up.

Social Media: 


"Baby"Doll aka Chloe






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