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       My name is Megan Williams, otherwise known as the dreamer and creator behind Fit For A Belle®! The idea to create Fit For A Belle® blossomed soon after completing my very own physical transformation a few years ago. As a byproduct of an incredibly busy schedule, I realized that I had let my health fall by the wayside and decided to make a change. I also decided that it would be my mission to make my own transformation a source of inspiration to others on the same journey. Not only did I exercise, I created a lifestyle. Through this lifestyle change, I met many women walking the same path, eager to make a change, eager to improve. However, I quickly realized that body image and preexisting stereotypes were hindering these beautiful women from maximizing their true potential. And so, from their journeys and mine, Fit For A Belle® was born! It was my goal to design fitness clothing that made women feel confident and empowered. Clothing that made them feel okay to be strong, that strong was sexy. To go a step further, I put a Southern spin on the concept to echo my own upbringing and values. FFAB fitness apparel is designed to fit any body type, offering styles and fits for all shapes and sizes to encourage women to live unapologetically as themselves.....proudly rockin' their muscles, mascara & invisible tiara! Fit For A Belle® is my life, my mission, my journey, and I am truly honored that you have decided to make it part of yours!

Philippians 4:13


Fit For A Belle

My Transformation Journey



After reaching a personal goal, I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding competition in 2014, and another in 2015! You can do anything you put your mind too, and most importantly.. NEVER GIVE UP! XO

Need help getting started on your journey? Guidance, support and accountability can make or break your success! Sign up for the free membership on my website or shoot me an email to get started! xoxo





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