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Hey y'all, It's Lexi Doll!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Right? WRONG! At least for this Southern Belle. I leave for Vegas with three amazing friends(& fellow FFAB dolls) in a short days! Vegas + three of my best gals and … ? Can you guess what comes next in the equation? I will help you you out >>F.F.A.B<<(Fitness, Fashion and Bodybuilders). It may not sound like the typically Vegas Road Trip most friends would take together, but it is definitely a trip of a lifetime! If you have not already guessed, the event we are all dropping our lives for and putting everything on a pause for is THE OLYMPIA. This event is the largest event in the world of bodybuilding. Now, I am not personally competing (at least not yet), but the other three other girls and I are so stoked about this trip because we share three common passions: love, fitness/nutrition and competing.

Back in March I applied for something called a FFAB Doll. After what seems like an eternity of waiting (but was really only a couple of days), I received news that I was an official rep for Fit For a Belle. Here we are, six months later, packing for vegas and losing sleep over the excitement of being at The Olympia. I would have never dreamt that I would be representing such an amazing company at the most prestigious competitions known to man.

For all of you who don't know, Fit For a Belle is a company located out of a small town in North Carolina. All because one woman had one dream, one vision and one passion to turn her ambition, motivation and drive into a reality for millions of people can now experience across the states. Fit For a Belle has seen a multitude of cities, the most recent being Hollywood at the teen choice awards, and now VEGAS. How exciting! Something tells me that the magic Fit For a Belle creates wont be staying in the little town of High Point North Carolina for too long.

Like I mentioned earlier, I will not be competing in this year's Olympia competition, but I have gotten a lot of questions about what exactly I will be doing. Megan (the owner), Klaire, Hattie  and I will be running a booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center where 40,000+ attendees will be passing by between shows to check out all the amazing offers Fitness Companies like Fit For a Belle will be showcasing. Then of course we will take some personal time out of your week to be typical tourists. And lastly if we are lucky we just might be able to crash Rich Piana’s wedding. The most epic wedding of all weddings in the fitness world, or any world.

We will constantly be posting snapchats, instagram pictures and facebook posts to keep everyone updated with our little adventure … So if you want a FREE vacation away from home, then open up those social media accounts we both know you are constantly creeping on people with and follow these accounts:


Snapchat: Fit4abelle, hhaattiiee, klairelisabeth, lexi.31

Instagram: @lexi.via & @flexxwithlex; @fitforabelle & @megsawilliams,

     @hhaattiiee; @klairelizabeth & @signed_k

I cannot wait to come back and fill everyone in on all the details, pictures, posts and snaps… Oh-but-wait, I almost forgot, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas … right? (wink, wink. shhh I won’t tell anyone if you don’t).

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