Classwork, Roommates, and Stress. Oh my!

Classwork, Roommates, and Stress. Oh my!



Hi y’all! It’s Kyliedoll! I’m 21 years old in my senior year at Southeast Missouri State University where I am studying early childhood education. If you’re like me, your schedule is JAMPACKED with classes, the gym, work, homework, social events, and the list goes on and on and on. And if you’re also like me, your stress levels can go through the roof when you get this busy. I suffer from severe anxiety from the amount of stress I’m under. Anxiety is touchy subject that many don’t like to talk about publicly or bring up at all. I used to be afraid to admit how stressed I was. I wanted to have that look, which many of our role models do, as if they don’t have a care in the world and everything just magically happens in their lives. We all know those fitness gurus or instafamous people that constantly seem to be stress free and traveling or just hanging out in the gym. But the truth is, no one’s life is like that. We all have to work hard to get where we are going and stress goes along with any goal you work towards. I want to give y’all some advice on how you manage your stress and keep your anxiety down.


As college students, it’s easy to get overbooked and think “Ehh, I don’t need the sleep. I can stay up and get things done tonight.” But truth is, our body needs the sleep to be productive and handle the stress of our busy schedules. If you do not get enough sleep, it is easy to get lazy and not put your best effort into the work you need to get done. If you don’t get your work done or start to slip on your grades, that is just going to cause you to be more stressed out. Make it your goal to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night to maximize your productivity during the day and do things correctly to eliminate the stress.

  1. Communicate with your roommates

If your roommates are like mine, they don’t have the same goals as I do when it comes to the gym and school work. I’m not saying theirs are bad goals or anything like that, they’re just different. Sleep isn’t a priority for them as it is for me so they come home at midnight or one and decide to cook or do homework in the kitchen while I’m trying to sleep. To each is their own, but I need to sleep in order to function properly and focus on my goals so I had to verbalize to them how that affects me and they understood. Open communication is key when living with others who may not be your family. I know there are certain things I do that may annoy them or things they do that annoy me. I let little things bother me so this just adds to my stress. It is important for me to let them know these things to put my mind at ease. Communication is key in order to live in peace with others and not add to your stress.

  1. Keep a planner and to-do lists and stay on task

My planner is my best friend, literally. It may be the only thing keeping me sane with everything I have going on. I write down everything I need to get done and I mean EVERYTHING! From assignments, to work outs, to cleaning, it’s listed in my planner. I color code it by class as well as social events. Nothing is left not written down. Keeping a planner makes sure I complete everything I want to get done for the day, week, and month. Writing down everything not only makes sure you complete everything but also gives you a sense of how productive your day was. You can see everything you accomplished that day listed out in front of you. This keeps your anxiety about everything you need to get done down and makes sure you finish it in a timely manner.

  1. Treat yo-self

But seriously, every once in a while don’t feel guilty ordering those super cute leggings you found on or that new phone case you found at the mall. With every goal I reach I reward myself in some little way or another, whether it is a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks or the newest Fit for a Belle tank. I always try to splurge every once in a while to keep me sane. You work hard every day to be able to accomplish your goals, why not treat yourself to a reward?




  1. Go talk to someone

Okay, yes talking to a counselor or even confiding with a parent or loved one about your anxiety can even cause more anxiety! EEEK! But it really is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your health. I was on edge the first time I decided to make an appointment to go in and talk to someone about the things I have been struggling with but it was honestly the best thing for me. Talking to an outsider about problems you have been having, gives you a new perspective on what you’re going through. They can give you advice, helpful hints, and even just a listening ear. You don’t have to let anyone know you’re going to talk to a professional, it’s your own confidential information but it will help you so much in the future. I promise you that.


Here it is! The final tip I have for you, GO WORK OUT! Exercising is my number one stress relief when I feel like I can’t take on anymore. I drop everything I’m doing and hit the gym. Exercising can cause your body to release endorphins that not only make you happy but relaxed. There’s something so calming about being in a place with your headphones in, not speaking to anyone, in your own little world where you can lift as heavy as you want without worrying about anything else but the weights in front of you. Going for a walk, run, bike ride, lifting weights, whatever your preference may be is not only good for you body but great for you mental health as well!

Well there ya have it! How I manage my stress and anxiety and some tips for you to try. All of these along with listening to music, taking a bath, or taking a brain break are all ways I use to control my anxiety and function at the best of my abilities. I hope this has helped some of you and helped you realize you’re not alone on this journey. Anxiety is hard thing to deal with and it’s good to know you aren’t the only one struggling with it. We are all in this together and I want you to overcome this and succeed. If you would like to, shoot me an email at and we can talk!! I’d love to hear from y’all and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved giving y’all some tips! Don’t forget to always use my promo code KYLIEDOLL for 10% off all your Fit for a Belle orders and follow me on my fitness and life journey!! I’d love to follow back and get to know y’all!!

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