All about the FFAB Photoshoot!

FFAB Photo shoot*Written by Carissa Doll <3

Hi y'all!

What better way to end summer then to head down to North Carolina for a photo shoot?! Recently I joined the FFAB family. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become a Doll, and I must say—there is no better company to represent. Not only do you join a team of amazing girls with amazing different backgrounds, but you get to rock some pretty amazing and cute/comfy workout clothes and meet some of your best friends you never knew you had.

Anyway, back to the point of this blog! The FFAB photo shoot was a weekend to remember. We had a ton of the Dolls come together to have some fun and to make this new clothing line come to life. It was truly a Doll takeover (“Doll House” if you will). It is crazy to think that most of us had never met each other before. Especially since I consider my dolls some of my truest and closest friends. That just goes to show the power of social media.

Personally for me, I drove down the East Coast to meet these girls. Some may call me crazy for hopping in a car with some girls I didn’t know and road tripping to a place I’ve never been to. I drove down with two other Dolls that I had never met before in my life. Of course, we had been in contact for a while because we all represent FFAB, but I hadn’t actually met them before. From the second they picked me up from my apartment, we instantly clicked. Talked the whole ride down (which was about 12+ hours) with no silence at all. FFAB is represented by a group of great girls.

After hours and hours in the car, we finally arrived where we linked up with some other Dolls! I can’t explain the feeling of meeting these girls for the first time. Truly every single FFAB Doll is an inspiration and it was amazing to come together as one family.
Megan welcomed us with open arms (and lots of food and bulldog love) and we got the photo shoot rockin’ and rollin’ the next day! Up and at em’ at 6am to get all glammed up. Boyyyy did we all look FFABulous (no pun intended…?)!! We had the BEST glam squad and they worked their magic on our beautiful faces and hair. We even got the whole southern sass on. We got to travel to a ton of different photo shoot locations and strut our stuff.
First location was at a really amazing rail road track. I know what you’re thinking… amazing rail road track? It seriously was though. A gorgeous location for our first shoot. The scenery was great and the photos came our great as well. (Of course, the best part was posing with the pink plates, but I’ll save that for another day?) From there we took on some cool locations including an abandoned graffiti wall and some other really awesome outdoor places.

But that isn’t really the point of this. Yes, the photo shoot was super fun. Getting to rock the new clothing line and bringing Megan’s dreams to a reality—but meeting the Dolls was the most important part of the weekend. Meeting these girls for the first time, bonding, and laughing was truly something I will never forget. I felt at home and I felt like we all just belonged together. Girls whom I had never met in my life I now consider my family. We came together to try to paint the picture of the company, the brand, and what FFAB is all about. We are strong, beautiful, and talented women. We have all had struggles, and we have all had success. We all look different. But we are all beautiful. We created memories that we will never forget, and we got to represent an AMAZING company.



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