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Olympia Fitness Expo!

  Hey y'all, It's Lexi Doll! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Right? WRONG! At least for this Southern Belle. I leave for Vegas with three amazing friends(& fellow FFAB dolls) in a short days! Vegas + three of my best gals and … ? Can you guess what comes next in the equation? I will help you you out >>F.F.A.B<<(Fitness, Fashion and Bodybuilders). It may not sound like the typically Vegas Road Trip most friends would take together, but it is definitely a trip of a lifetime! If you have not already guessed, the event we are all dropping our lives for and putting everything on a pause for is THE OLYMPIA. This event is the largest event in...

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Fit For A Belle Levity Ball Media Feature

Fit For A Belle had an amazing opportunity to be featured on the The Levity Ball- a lifestyle website based out of New York City!   Check it out here :) "She may be young and new to the fashion scene, but designer & entrepreneur Megan Williams has already turned her North Carolina company Fit For A Belle ( into one of the hottest must-have brands in America, and has countless celebrities ordering more and more of her products with each passing day.The Levity Ball caught up with Megan to find out how everything started, her advice to others, and what the future holds for FFAB… When did you first “know” that you wanted to get into the fashion...

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Classwork, Roommates, and Stress. Oh my!

Classwork, Roommates, and Stress. Oh my!     Hi y’all! It’s Kyliedoll! I’m 21 years old in my senior year at Southeast Missouri State University where I am studying early childhood education. If you’re like me, your schedule is JAMPACKED with classes, the gym, work, homework, social events, and the list goes on and on and on. And if you’re also like me, your stress levels can go through the roof when you get this busy. I suffer from severe anxiety from the amount of stress I’m under. Anxiety is touchy subject that many don’t like to talk about publicly or bring up at all. I used to be afraid to admit how stressed I was. I wanted to have...

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Missy Doll's Transformational Journey

Hey yall! It's Missydoll! I wanted to take the time to share my journey from Fat to FFAB with you because I think so many other women/moms especially can relate. If others are able to see I could overcome and succeed they then hopefully will realize they can too! Let me start by giving a little background on myself. I'm a 39 year old mom of two who has transformed not only my life through health and fitness but also the lives of my family. I have always been on the petite and thin side but as I began adulthood I started slowly gaining weight from lack of exercise and poor eating habits. I yo-yo dieted off and on for...

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Healthy College Habits by Katherine Doll

Hey there! My name is Katherine Salom. I am a 21 year old student at Texas A&M University where I am studying Animal Science. I am currently studying abroad in Australia, but when I return home I plan on competing in my first figure competition.   Follow me on:Instagram: @ksalom & @ksalom_fitnessYoutube: www.IcedLattesandLifting.comTwitter: @katherinesalomSnapchat: ksalomMy Fitness Pal: ksalomEstablishing Healthy Habits in College As August comes to an end, the Fall semester is just beginning. Some of you may be moving off to college for the first time, or like me, back for yet another year of some of the best years of our life. Often in college, personal health and wellness is pushed to the side as you attempt...

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